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Day on the Farm

Date: Sept 24, 2024
Mower County Fairgrounds - 507-433-1868

Each year, hundreds of third graders from Pacelli, Austin and Lyle schools visit a variety of agricultural operations to see where their food comes from and to meet real-live farmers (and their livestock, of course).

Why Does Day on the Farm Matter?

Many children have no idea where their food comes from. This is a foundational challenge.

Through the Day on the Farm visits, third-grade children in the Austin area experience farming and food production, giving them an appreciation for the amount of hard work needed to put food on the table. Through hands-on activities like visiting a farm and engaging in farm-related tasks, local kids better understand the importance of healthy, fresh, and local food, and discover the connections between the environment and our food.

Day on the Farm helps foster a sense of responsibility, respect, and appreciation for the land and its stewards .

For more information contact the Austin Chamber of Commerce at 507-437-4561
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Day on the Farm

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